25 The First Owner Facebook Account

Facebook recently celebrated the birthday - 10 . But do you know who the people who first register for an account on Facebook ? . If you look at your Facebook profile page before it is replaced with the ID of your name , you will see the URL on the back include a user ID . For example : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=4 owned by Mark Zukerberg .

When you first sign up on Facebook , actually every user will get the ID code . This code begins with ID 0 , which will be directed to the owner of the account to their Facebook profile page . Of billions of facebook users today, it turns out the first three accounts with ID numbers 1 to 3 are used as a testing account by Mark Zuckerberg and his clear . So the first Facebook users actually have the ID number 4 , and that person is Mark Zuckerberg , the founder and the creator of Facebook .

According to data from BuzzFeed , most of the first Facebook users were students at Harvard University who is none other than Mark Zuckerberg's friends , including his friends who helped build Facebook . Now they are all owners of the first accounts Facebook has become the successful , of course included Zuckerberg . There are some people who have left the site and moved to another place , but many are masik exist today .

Another Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and Dustin namely Moscovitz , including 10 in a row the first to have a Facebook account . Hughes is a spokesman for Facebook first . After leaving Facebook , he busied himself in Barack Obama's online campaign in 2008 . While Eduardo Saverin , who is also co-founder of Facebook , he is not in the list of the first 10 owners Facebook account .

Here's a list of 25 people who first have a Facebook account :

  1. Mark Zuckerberg 
  2. Chris Hughes 
  3. Dustin Moskovitz 
  4. Arie Hasit 
  5. Andrew McCollum 
  6. Colin Kelly 
  7. Mark Kaganovich 
  8. Andrei Boros 
  9. Manuel Antonio Aguilar 
  10. Zach Bercu 
  11. Samyr Laine 
  12. Sarah Goodin 
  13. Kang-Xing Jin 
  14. Colin Jackson 
  15. David Jakus 
  16. David Hammer 
  17. Alana V. Davis 
  18. Ebonie Hazle 
  19. Eduardo Saverin 
  20. Joe Green 
  21. Greg Friedman 
  22. Hilary Scurlock Cocalis 
  23. Billy Olson 
  24. Ada McMahon 
  25. Amie Broder