Download Android USB Driver (Android Phone and Tablet)

Download Android USB Driver (Android Phone and Tablet)

Google: Download Nexus Device Driver

Samsung: Download Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES (comes with driver)

Sony: Download Sony USB Drivers for Android device

HTC: Download HTC USB Drivers (HTC Sync)

LG: Download LG USB Drivers

Motorola: Download Motorola USB Drivers (Motorola Device Manager)

ASUS: Download ASUS USB Drivers or Download ASUS PC Suite (comes with driver)
Download Nexus 7 USB Drivers

Huawei: Download HiSuite (drivers included)

ZTE: Download ZTE USB Drivers

Acer: Download Acer USB Drivers

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH: Download Alcatel One Touch Drivers

Dell: Download Dell USB Drivers

Foxconn: Download Foxconn USB Drivers

Fujitso: Download Fujitso USB Drivers

Garmin-Asus: Download Garmin-Asus USB Drivers

Hisense: Download Hisense USB Drivers

Intel: Download Intel USB Drivers

KT Tech: Download KT Tech USB Drivers

Kyocera: Download Kyocera USB Drivers

Lenevo: Download Lenevo USB Drivers

Pantech: Download Pantech USB Drivers

Pegatron: Download Pegatron USB Drivers

Sharp: Download Sharp USB Drivers

SK Telesys: Download SK Telesys USB Drivers

Teleepoch: Download Teleepoch USB Drivers

Yulong Coolpad: Download Yulong Coolpad USB Drivers

The list is surely not complete. As Android is free OS and manufacturer don’t need to pay unless they want a Google Play Store license, we witness a countless regional Android manufacturer. That’s why its hard to list all manufacturer’s USB driver link. However, to make thing simple I’m going to discuss few tools that most likely help you to installnecessary driver. But before that, here is a quick instruction for those who downloadedUSB driver from manufacturer website, run that executable file but Windows still not able to recognize your driver. I’m taking a Samsung device as an example but it can be any Android smartphone or tablet.