Download SD Maid - System cleaning tool apk v3.0.1.1 Latest

SD Maid - System Cleaning for Android | SD Maid v3.0.1.1 (311) Apk - This time I will share useful applications to remove junk files on the phone and android tablet that is SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool for Android.

Applications sd maid system cleaning tool can be used on all versions of Android (1.6 and above) and especially those already on the rooted, but just in case we have a device that is not in the root, we can still use the application but with limited features and less than optimal.

In SD Maid Pro - System Cleaning Tool is when we open there will be a special tabs where will we choose to live alone, such as Corpse Finder helps us locate the files "left" of the application which was once we install and then we remove .

Then there Explorer, which serves as a file manager, which we can process the files that exist on the device, such as delete, rename, copy file manager functions as the most.

Then there is Search, which this function is similar to the Explorer, it's just that we can go directly to the file that we want by typing the file name.

By sd maid system cleaning tool apk is the latest we can scan all the directories on the device (if the device is not rooted, of course, not all directories can be "touched"), and then we can know where the files are not used anymore.

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