Volume Boost Sound Mod for Nexus 5! Speakers and Headphones Sund

The Nexus 5 is currently one of the biggest devices out right now, but obviously did not have when it comes to how loud the speakers and headphones can play compared to other phones top seed.

Fortunately for us, Drummerjed and ZeroInfinity from XDA has created a flashable zip is easy to easily raise the volume on the Nexus 5 for both speakers and headphones. In the video above I show the difference with and without the mod. Microphone does not do a good job to show improvement, but take my word for it!

You have several options to increase the volume mod. You can flash the zip file that is able to improve both the speakers and headphones, just headphones, only speakers, or return to the stock volume.

Follow the quick guide below to improve your Nexus 5's speakers and headphones!

Note: Your Nexus 5 must be rooted, if you do not then follow this guide first!

1. Download and transfer your preferred sound mod zip file to your Nexus 5 using the links below.

2. Enter into recovery mode.

3. Select "Install" if your on TWRP or "select zip from SD card" if your on CWM recovery.

Skip step 4 if your on TWRP Recovery

4. Select "choose zip from SD card"

5. Locate the sound boost mod zip file and install it.

6. Reboot and enjoy a louder Nexus 5!

Credits - XDA