Ubuntu 13.10 for Galaxy Nexus first look

"Ini merupakan perkembangan snapshot eksperimental yang dapat berpotensi bata perangkat Anda. Ini tidak memberikan semua fitur dan layanan telepon ritel dan tidak dapat menggantikan handset Anda saat ini. Pratinjau ini adalah rilis pertama dari versi yang sangat baru dan belum selesai Ubuntu dan itu akan berkembang dengan cepat. "

Until now I have a little problem like the touch screen does not respond, the system hangs from time to time or slow down, so you basically can not do anything other than reboot. However, in many cases it is very sharp. Navigate through the system completely different from the Android. There are no back or home keys, you need to swipe left / right / bottom / top and swiping different effects if you swipe from the center or from the edge of the screen. 

I have a feeling that the whole UI is a kind of "too big". Large icons that take up a lot of space and work with this interface is far from intuitive. I think that this OS will be much better suited for tablets instead, where the average screen size is 10 ".

In current stage this OS is surely not suitable for daily use, but the developers are working very hard to fix all submitted issues and to preview all commits. Here are the screenshots:

Home Screen with 3 additional desktops: Music, Applications and Videos

Lock-screen (swipe left to unlock)

System Settings, About the phone and Battery

Phone, Messages and Contacts

Calendar and Album

Sort of "Quick Settings" available from the notification menu

Installed applications screen and a "must have" app ;)

Weather, Gmail and Notes

Navigation panel (available on every screen, even lock-screen), File Manager and Camera

That would be all for now. I think the first preview of the Ubuntu OS for phones looks very promising, however it's officially available only for 3 devices for now and it can't be used as a daily driver just yet.